more about duraltect:

Duraltect has been manufactured and applied in NZ since the 1950's. It has seen some developments over its life span but the end product remains largely the same and has never been surpassed for quality and cost-effectiveness. Its primary use over its life has been as a protective roof coating. 

A 90-year-old Christchurch based company FHS Roofing Ltd have been the primary applicators of this system over its lifetime and are now marketing this to the rest of the world under the Duraltect Brand.

As a roof coating the Duraltect system has been proven to be incredibly long lasting with a typical life-span of over 15 years at which point another coat can simply be applied. That said, FHS have roofs which have done over 34 years and counting without having ever had a second coat!


Duraltect has a silver finish similar to new Zincalume roofing iron. 

The typical application process:

- Thoroughly water-blast the surface to be painted.

- If rust is present a single coat of Duraltect Primer should be applied. If there are only a few spots of rust these can be touched up individually.

- Two top coats of Duraltect. 

- Done!


Duraltect is used on metal surfaces to prevent, stop or defer deterioration. Over its history the most common use of the Duraltect system has been as a protective roof coating but some other uses include:

- Shipping Containers

- Steel trailers/chassis

- Corrosion protection for metal surfaces in construction

- Farm machinery and equipment

- Steel protection in marine environments

Other Advantages:

- Excellent solar reflectivity

- Sound deadening on metal surfaces

- Cost effective compared to other products.

- 80-90% cheaper than re-roofing when used as a roof coating.

It is a truly brilliant product and its results over its long history speak for themselves. We know it works - we've been applying it ourselves for over 60 years!


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